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Track my Phone – Step by Step guide from Technosys360

Track my Phone – Introduction

Find my device is a very interesting featureof Android and also Google, through which you can easily track your phone. Not only track, but you also can lock or delete your private data on the lost device or stolen phone. You can also see the battery draining percentage and much more like which wi-fi network the device was connected. So just think, this is the easiest way to track your own phone if it is lost or stolen and used by others. There is also another way to find that, we will discuss that later.

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So, let’s talk about “Find my Device” app, which is now a part of Google Play Store, so you can easily download it from the Play store. In this app, Google impelled a machine learning system to scan and verify your device through the application. If you have installed the app on your phone you can easily trace it from Google without any harassment. This feature is available from the old Android version named Jelly Bean to till updated Android version which you all used.

[In one another sentence you can call – “Find my Device” is a Google Play Protect suit, which is specially designed to protect our phone from malicious content or threat and also if it lost.]

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Install Find My Device

This installation process is as easy as “put the butter on bread”. Just open the Google Play Store app from your Android device and search for “Find my Device”. Let’s follow step by step given below:

Open Play Store from your device, which you can find in your app drawer.

On the search bar, type “Find my Device” and hit the search button.

Thereafter the first result you see, and hit on it to install. Then select Install.

Track my Phone | Find my Device

Sign in to Find my Device

After the installation process, you will see a Green icon was shown new in your app drawer, that is the app you install. Before you use it, you have to complete the Sign-up process. I mean you have to sign in this
app with your existing Gmail account, which is set for this mobile. So follow the steps given below:

  • Open the app you installed from your app drawer.
    Then you can see that it automatically detect the list of Gmail accounts you used in your phone.
  • Then select the Google account you want to connect with this app. > Then hit the Continue as ____button.

Track my Phone | Find my Device

Thereafter you need to put your Gmail Account Password and tap the Sign in option.

Then just give it the permission to access the location service, so press Allow button.

Track my Phone | Find my Device

It’s done.

Now just end the installation part. Maintenance mode is also the same easy.

Now I tell you an interesting thing. If you used this e-mail id to signed into another device, you can see
the list of phones with its model thumbnails on the top screen on the app. To see the separate mobile location, you just have to open the app from the App Drawer > Select the phone you want to choose from the top menu. Tap on it and you can see all on your screen.

Track my phone | Find my Device

** Some time it not able to scan your device., because of GPRS signal off. So just turn off the GPRS signal to track all the mobiles you registered, and you will see them on your screen. To enable the GPRS or Location in your phone, follow the steps below:

Open the Settings from the app list, thenfind the location. Then toggle the option to turn on the location.

Track my Phone | Find my Device

If you lost your phone

Now, this is the most interesting thing I going to revel. If you lost your phone!!! and didn’t find that, at this time is the real-time to use this system. So let’s start.

If you lost your phone ever or forget where is your phone, then you can easily track your phone remotely
if that is turn on. For this, you also have the other device support like another Android device or any Desktop.

It will be done through the official website of Find My Device. So follow the steps below to know the secrets. Also, it has another easiest method, I will write it at the end of this article.

  • Open the Find my Device officialwebsite.
  • Then you have to Sign in to your Google account.

After that, you will see the same window as your Android mobile, and also you saw the list of attaching phones on the top list.
Then find the mobile name you lost, is it visible on the top menu or not.

If you find the location of lost mobile then you can easily pick that. But sometimes the lost mobile is under the pillow, and the location is shown in your drawing-room. But you try to find it very hard and fail again and again. For this reason, there is an interesting feature available. You can play a sound on your phone remotely from your Desktop, it helps you to easily point out the mobile where it is.

Track my Phone | Find my Device

The ring will play until you find the phone and heat the power button. [with in 5 minutes]

After you locate your phone, you can find a button called “Play Sound”. Hit on the button and notice the mobile starts ringing. After you find the phone just press the power button to stop the ringtone.

If your phone is stolen

This is very bad things if suddenly realize that your phone is stolen by your rival and there is lots of data you store on your phone. For this reason, you can also Erase all Data from your phone remotelythrough this app. On this factor, it’s work like magic, and your rival also doesn’t know how it happens.

Also some time many of the official purpose this “Remotely data erasing” facility was important.

Track my Phone | Find my Device

At the same Find my device page, select the victim phone and there is an “Erase” option on side of it.

Just tap on “Erase”, then press on the “Erase” button again

You can lock your phone

There is also a Device Lock option available. It is better to check it by yourself. Already I write more than above about the system.

Track my Phone | Find my Device

So now you can easily track your phone, and also its reduce your tension like “how to Track my phone”.

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On Microsoft, there is another interesting process to find their phone. Keep your eyes on our next article. In this middle, you can check here.

So, this is enough for today. If we missed something in this article please let us know in the comment. We will assure to resolve that.


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