This Android update will change the getup for each smartphone you use

Not more days. The Android 10 update will be available on the mobile phones of all the popular companies later this year. Android 10 will be available on the phones of Samsung, Asus, Oppo, Realme, Vivo and all other market companies next December. Google said this through a blog post on Wednesday. However, Xiaomi is one step ahead of other companies in providing updates. Xiaomi has started updating new phones since the…

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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G to Be Released on April 5 – Technosys360.com

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G review Samsung will release its first 5G smartphone in the first week in South Korea on Thursday, it said it will create the world's first mobile device with next-generation network capability. South Korean technician said on Thursday that Samsung Galaxy S10 5G model will be sold on April 5 without a pre-order program. Although Samsung does not release the price, it is expected to win around $ 1.5…

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How to Setup WhatsApp Personal Stickers

Thinking about WhatsApp Stickers Facebook's instant messaging platform Whatsapp recently added a new feature called sticker that allows users to send stickers without the existing GIF and emoji. It's a very interesting one for it to express our feelings to others without saying a single word. [Tweet "How to Setup WhatsApp Personal Stickers"] Make sure you have WhatsApp running on your smartphone at version 2.18 or higher. Because the old version does…

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Google’s Latest Wear OS Update makes Smartwatches Battery live longer

Google Wear OS Recently we noticed on a “Google Wear OS Help forum”, Google is launching several unique quality of updates on Wear OS which is mention as an “H” update. This update cover features like the battery saver mode, body efficiency improvement etc. Also, its decided a smart app which resumes for all its application and adds a new & simple power off method, you can check here. With the new update,…

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Smartphone market returns to growth in their position in 2018

The "smartphone market" isn’t growing. Average phone prices are declining. And brash smartphone startups are going out of business. That’s the good news. Mary Meeker released her well-regarded Internet Trends Report this week. She said smartphone market shipments grew by zero percent, the first time since smartphones existed that the market didn’t grow. And IDC says the smartphone market will remain sluggish into the foreseeable future. Some smartphone hopefuls have even had their hopes dashed in what…

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Asus launches ZenBook Pro 15 with 5.5-inch touchpad

One of my favorite Lapy I write this Asus Zenbook UX580 article to serve you about its details and what’s going on. Keep your eyes bellow. The Zenbook seasoned 15 with screenpad (UX580) is the primary device to get ASUS' new touchscreen/touchpad hybrid. It comes with a 4K UHD, Pantone-verified display that, the business enterprise claims, will offer authentic and accurate color reproduction. The display itself is surrounded by a bezel that's just 7.3mm thick, and has a…

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Intel’s limited edition 5GHz Core i7-8086K

Intel’s i7-8086K is their first-class CPU yet Computex information(which doesn’t involve having the vague launch date of Nvidia’s Turing images playing cards being dashed from sometime this autumn into the vague nothingness of “a long time” into the destiny), Intel have introduced their first actual CPU with a 5.0 ghz turbo frequency to have a good time the fortieth anniversary in their x86 architecture. It is the confined version (and very aptly-named) Intel middle i7-8086K…

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Google’s new shortcut app to directly launch Google Lens

Google new shortcut app to directly launch Google Lens Everything becomes easier day by day, so we all also become lazy day by day. This is Google's new product named - " Google Lens".If you read this, you can understand that Example is one of the more common methods of doing short work, or nothing else but it good. So let’s jump inside this. So what! if you don’t use Google Assistant?…

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ASUS “Phone with a Fan” For Gamers

Recently a new news was feed: Asus Launch a smartphone which is installed with a Fan [Gaming Fan]. It makes a storm like “Torneto” in the gaming market. And I think that this news will be a very good news for Gamers. You can also read another article of Tech Blog. ASUS"Phone with a Fan", Sounds good but something like strange!! How is it possible? Let me explain... Asus has launched a…

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:: ASUS DUAL SCREEN LAPTOP | ASUS TAICHI 21 :: ASUS announced to launch a Laptop which is a very unique feature that’s totally out of our mind. “ Two Screen Laptop “… Is it Possible? Most probably we all first think that it’s fake, but no !! In really ASUS is going to launch this generation of Laptop mostly says – ASUS  TAICHI So let's talk about it. We  know a quote – “Asus knows the future before you do “ and  This is the laptop you do not think…

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