Google’s Latest Wear OS Update makes Smartwatches Battery live longer

Google Wear OS Recently we noticed on a “Google Wear OS Help forum”, Google is launching several unique quality of updates on Wear OS which is mention as an “H” update. This update cover features like the battery saver mode, body efficiency improvement etc. Also, its decided a smart app which resumes for all its application and adds a new & simple power off method, you can check here. With the new update,…

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Best Google Chrome Plugin Specially for Writer or Blogger and students

Google Chrome Plugin Especially for Writer or Blogger and students Plugins... Extension... Very much known word in your daily life especially who are in digital working life. We used more than one plugin in our Chome browser. This all is very useful, especially for writer or blogger. In mu this I discuss some of my recommended Google Chrome plugin which I used very much and feel very much relaxed and smoothed.  Google…

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Google removes the “Tablet Section” from the Official Android website

Google unceremoniously gets rid of the “ Tablet section ” from a legit Android internet site For some of the years, Google has advertised Android pills underneath its very own branding, having commenced with the Asus-synthetic Nexus 7 around the middle of 2012. While preliminary fashions of the device have been wireless simplest, an HSPA+ variant of the tablet with 32GB of onboard storage became available in October that same 12 months.…

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Google’s new shortcut app to directly launch Google Lens

Google new shortcut app to directly launch Google Lens Everything becomes easier day by day, so we all also become lazy day by day. This is Google's new product named - " Google Lens".If you read this, you can understand that Example is one of the more common methods of doing short work, or nothing else but it good. So let’s jump inside this. So what! if you don’t use Google Assistant?…

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