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How to Setup WhatsApp Personal Stickers

Thinking about WhatsApp Stickers

Facebook’s instant messaging platform Whatsapp recently added a new feature called sticker that allows users to send stickers without the existing GIF and emoji. It’s a very interesting one for it to express our feelings to others without saying a single word.

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Make sure you have WhatsApp running on your smartphone at version 2.18 or higher. Because the old version does not support custom sticker features. If you do not have the latest version, go to the Google Play store and update it.

Whatsapp Sticker

Now you have to choose which image or expression to create a sticker on your Whatsapp. So you open the camera and click on your picture only with the expressions you want.Whatsapp Sticker

Convert this picture to PNG format with no background. In fact, it is very easy to work, you can use any of the mobile applications to remove the background. But I want to suggest Photoshop. Because we can get more features to edit the photo as we want to show. I explain both of it below.

  • Make WhatsApp Sticker in a mobile application:

Open Google Play Store and download any background eraser application. But I want to say before downloading software, please refer to the reviews of the product, it gives you previous knowledge about the product.

Often all background eraser applications have magic or automatic tool, so first you have to select the image that you want to reduce the background, then delete the background with the help of the magic tool. Then it looks like a sticker to crop it.

Then just you have to save the picture in PNG format because Whatsapp only recognizes the PNG format for stickers.

  • Make WhatsApp Sticker in Photoshop

First, you have to open Photoshop whatever version you have. Then Open all the pictures you have to delete the background. There is also have a “Magic Wand Tool” to do this. You just have to click on the background with magic wand tool and press the “Del” button (its necessary to have the background one color, otherwise the magic wand tool doesn’t work properly. Then you have to do with the help of Pen tool.)

Thereafter save the picture sams as PNG format.

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Now you have to install another Android app to do this. So go to Google Play store and download “Personal Sticker for Whatsapp” and install it quickly.

WhatsApp Sticker

Before the start I want to tell you that there was a minimum picture requirement to start it, so you want a minimum three image to making your personal sticker. WhatsApp doesn’t allow to add the sticker, so only the way you have to do it through this app called: Personal Sticker for WhatsApp”.

Whatsapp Stickers

So, after installing the app just open it. Personal Sticker fro WhatsApp will automatically detect the personal stickers you saved in your device.

On the side of all detected stickers you will notice an “Add” button, just click it and there is again open a popup, so hit the “ADD” button again.

Once it has done, go to WhatsApp to check it. in the smiley option, you will notice all the images you save for Personal sticker, is situated in there.

That’s all, you made it. So try it and make surprised your loved one with a unique and interesting sticker of you.

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