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How to Recover Unsaved Word Document Mac

Introduction: How to recover unsaved word document Mac

Microsoft Office is popular for us and as also the M.S Word is very much essential for our today’s life. It’s especially important for official purpose because we can easily note anything on it anytime also we can make big to the big official project in M.S Word. So I think you can understand how much it’s importance in our life. Not only for Windows Operating System it’s usage can be noticed also in Mac. In this article, I will discuss how to recover corrupted word file easily within few minutes. Also, you can say in shortcut – How to recover unsaved word document Mac. So let’s jump to the article.

If you use windows operating system then you can check here to Recover a corrupted file of the word.

Word Files loss or corruption on Mac causes:

There is much cause available to corrupt our saved files of M.S Word. In this article, I give just a list of some common factors that may cause your word document corruption. After reading the list below, please try to avoid those if you will not to make your saved important files to be deleted or lost or corrupted.

  1. Word documents may get infected by any types of viruses.
  2. Suddenly turn off the M.S Office without saving the documents after create or edited.
  3. Keep notice all time, if your word shows any error like – “this document is either deleted or not accessible”.
  4. Other reasons may be due to reducing word files such as system errors and people’s inappropriate operation.

If I started to listed all the common factors then it takes a long, so I only mention some which I see most in my user comments. Unfortunately, if you meet any of the above issues, what do you do to recover lost word documents or to repair corrupted word documents? Do not worry Read your exact situation on the Mac and find the relative solutions for the recovery of your missing file or now repair the corrupted document.

[ Tips: When you’ve lost a Mac document because of sudden aborting, you can see the trash bin where you can restore it. If not, then solve it here to get your lost or even corrupt word file and follow the solutions. ]

=>> In my suggestion, you must have any good Data Recovery Software which can help you to recover all files again which is deleted or maybe corrupted. Personally, I used two or three software, but mostly I like EaseUS Data Recovery Software. Because it really helps to recover unsaved word document Mac.

how to recover unsaved word document

How to restore if you deleted the word file which is important for you?

We have stacked in the above-mentioned notice that if you accidentally deleted or lost a word document to Mac, then you might try to see if the trash is bin.

If nothing is displayed, you will have to specify in other ways to recover lost documents on Mac. And undoubtedly, a time-saving and high-efficient method should you like? It also I mention above, the EaseUS Data Recovery Software. With a few clicks, you will able to recover the files.

Step 1. Launch the Mac word file recovery software or EaseUS Data Recovery software

how to recover unsaved word document
Image credit – EaseUS

First of all, purchase EaseUS Data Recovery Software and install in your Mac. Then run the application. Select the location of the file from where you lost your file. Click on the Next button to continue the process.

Step 2. Scan your device with the Mac Recovery Software to find your important lost or deleted word file(.dox file)

how to recover unsaved word document

After that, click on Scan. Now you can see the tool is scanning your device or selected space to found the deleted files. For extra knowledge, I will give you details that, these tools support two types of recovery scan mode. 1. Quick Scan, 2. Deep Scan, you can also select from this option according to your need.

Step 3. Select the lost word files from the list

how to recover unsaved word document

When the scan is complete you can see a list on the screen. Here you can select all the deleted word file which you want to recover again. In this list, not only word files are found there is also all other files are available which is deleted in that place or deleted by you before a long time. So after select the word file click on Recover to claim the work finished. Also if you need any other file from the list which you deleted in past, recover at that time.

It’s help like an Autorecover word Mac in mystery.

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Not delete, if the word file is corrupted or damaged!

  • If the Word file cannot be opened on Mac

This is also a common problem, sometimes the saved files are lost their extension or sometimes when we saved a word file that time mistakenly the extension is changed and when we try to open the file we see the error. Not any particular reason I point out, but the solving method is I think the same that I discuss now.

So we can manually repair the document from “Recover Text from Any File” converter.

Here is how to do it:

how to recover unsaved word document

  • Open the M.S Word first.
  • Click on the File menu, and click Open.
  • Then click on the Show list.
  • Then click on Recover Text from Any File.
  • Now you have to locate the folder or file which is damaged. (If you select the file then you have to select the damaged/corrupted word file.)
  • At last click on Open.

After that, it will take a little time to complete (depends on file size). So just wait and see. When the repairing process is done, the file will be open automatically with the default extension.

Actually, if you use Mac, then I give you a tip. All-time choose the file extension at *.rtf because it can easily adjust with Mac.

Note: If this method helps you to solve the issue, then save it in RTF format. Steps I give below.

how to recover unsaved word document

  • After opening the file, go to File and click on Save as.
  • Then a dialogue box will open, click on the File Format list, and select Rich Text Format.
  • If you want to change the name of the file then type the name of the document and click on

After doing all the things, if the error still exists then you can try other file extension format or the 2nd option Text only. I think you can solve it easily. If your problem still exists, contact us at any time.

For better knowledge,e you can check the MacWorld site.

Also, another reference is available, if you want to read there an article just click on the link: Mactip, EaseUS, Apple,

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