You are currently viewing Google removes the “Tablet Section” from the Official Android website

Google removes the “Tablet Section” from the Official Android website

Google unceremoniously gets rid of the “ Tablet section ”
from a legit Android internet site

For some of the years, Google has advertised Android pills underneath its very own branding, having
commenced with the Asus-synthetic Nexus 7 around the middle of 2012. While preliminary fashions of the device have been wireless simplest, an HSPA+ variant of the tablet with 32GB of onboard storage became available in October that same 12 months. Considering that then, different first-celebration capsules have come and long past, along with the Nexus 9 that become placed out to pasture in 2016 and the greater latest Pixel C in the end eliminated from sale on the stop of 2017.


Google has been doing an excellent job of pretending Android tablets do not exist for the last few years, and now it is completed pretending. Google has up to date the Android internet site to cast off the tablet section entirely. You may now use that website to research all approximately Android on telephones, put on,
television, vehicle, and enterprise. It is it. RIP Android drugs.

Whilst other producers have soldiered on in the tablet section of the Android tool marketplace, it may seem that Google isn’t all that eager to hold promoting the category. Someday inside the last 24 hours, the entire tablet section on the Android internet site has been removed with the now-defunct direct link to the page now redirecting to the website’s homepage. However, the Internet Archive’sWayback machine controlled to capture a copy of the web page before its removal.

You can see the last version of the page inside the Internet Archive. It pointed out hot new drugs just like the shield and Galaxy Tab S2. So, yeah. It wasn’t getting plenty of attention even earlier than Google killed it. Now, in case you try to visit the URL for the tablet web page, it kicks you returned to the principle Android website.

Google Tablet Section

We have talked repeatedly approximately Google’s lack of hobby in Android tablets, culminating with the absence of any Android P (Pineapple) tool tablets. If that is now not proof Google is finished with Android on drugs, the purging of drugs from the Android website surely is. So, what’s subsequent? My cash is on Chrome OS drugs with Android apps. With Google’s disinterest in Android slates, it’s tough to see how companions like Samsung and Asus can hold making them.


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