Google’s  new shortcut app to directly launch Google Lens

Google’s new shortcut app to directly launch Google Lens

Google new shortcut app to directly launch Google Lens

Everything is become easier day by day, so we all also become lazy day by day. This is Google’s new product named – ” Google Lens “ .If you read this, you can understand that the Example is one of the more common methods of doing short work, or nothing else but it really good. So let’s jump inside this.

So what! if you don’t use Google Assistant? Well, unless you want to get an LG G7 ThinQ so you can access Lens directly using the built-in hardware key, you didn’t have too many options. But now, Google Lens has its own standalone icon.


What is Google Lens :                                                                                                           

Google Lens enables you to do things such as point your phone at something, such as any specific flower, and then ask Google Assistant what the object you’re pointing at is. You’ll not only be told the answer, but you’ll get suggestions based on the object, like nearby florists, in the case of a flower or anything.

There is various examples of Google Lens like – what Google Lens can do include being able to take a picture of the SSID sticker on the back of a Wi-Fi router, or it can read any types of QR code, and it also give your result about password of WI-fi to scan it’s code.

Google Lens will easily recognize shops, clubs, restaurants, cafes, and bars, and also give you address details and opening times. It have ability to recognize our daily usage products. It’s one of the latest features that I like very much. When we have to put any of emoji like “Thumbs-up”, It can easily recognize any hand impression, but sometime it’s make naughty. I don’t tell you now, I suggest to try it yourself.

Just Look :                                                                                                                                             

· Google newly released a Google Lens shortcut launcher on the Google Play Store.

· If you don’t have a phone with compatibility of Google Lens, this new downloaded app won’t help you or it’s not for your work.

· This new Google Lens update just creates a home screen/app drawer icon to quick launch Lens in your phone.

It’s includes real-time search depends to on-device and cloud machine learning that can identify objects and mark them with dots that stay anchored as you move. When we tapped on it, the result immediately loads front of us. Mainly, with the Smart Text Selection it is easier to select and copy results for anything.

you have just take a little aware, only because of this Lens is Google’s AI-capable viewfinder. When you launch the app, you also can point your phone camera at things and Google will tell you about those things as best as it can. You can easily use this Lens to translate, copy, and search for text that appears in your viewfinder.

How it works :

After that we all think about its workings, How it works? Hopefully it very difficult in Hardware or Software side, but I appreciate you don’t think like this. It’s very simple like put Jam on Bread. This app essentially adds an icon to your launcher and home screen which helps to directly opens Google Lens and the recently revamped viewfinder interface with a bottom panel.

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How to Install :                                                                                                                                                           

Installation process is not any hard process guys, I told you it’s as simple as other we download and install from Google Play Store.

  • Just Go to Google Plat Store.
  • In the Search bar, type > “Google Lens
  • After that select the perfect one and just click to “Install”.

That’s it.

Download Google Lens from Playstore

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