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Best Screen Sharing Software

Screen Sharing services provide applications for both personal and professional use. This means that if you are a computer technician, you can remotely solve your client's PC problem, or you can attend virtual office meetings if you are an office employee. In addition, this screen sharing service is very useful for completing a project in a cohesive way or as a teacher to visually guide students. There are many screen sharing software…

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Best Antivirus Software- 2020

All Windows or Android systems require antivirus software for security, if available for free. From that point of view, Windows 10's built-in Windows Defender system is very good and the security works well. However, it is fair to say that it is a bit weaker than the other third-party software available in the market. Kaspersky's Windows Antivirus is one of the best antiviruses we have chosen. (Recommend by Tomsguide). The characteristics of…

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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G to Be Released on April 5 – Technosys360.com

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G review Samsung will release its first 5G smartphone in the first week in South Korea on Thursday, it said it will create the world's first mobile device with next-generation network capability. South Korean technician said on Thursday that Samsung Galaxy S10 5G model will be sold on April 5 without a pre-order program. Although Samsung does not release the price, it is expected to win around $ 1.5…

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Realme C1 Review

Review Specification Long-lasting 4230mAh Battery 15h Video Playback 18h Music 18h Browsing 10h Gaming The huge 4230 mAh battery is connected to the AI ​​Power Master so that all the days are endurance, intelligent apps and processes can be reduced. ColorOS 5.1 (based on Android 8.1) AI Board 3-Finger Screenshot Split Screen The feature-packed COLOROS 5.1 smartphone can learn from your use of smartphones to help you with your daily work, which…

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ASRock Taichi Z390 Motherboard Specification

ASRock Z390 SPECIFICATION ASRock Z390 Taichi may be a new board of Taichi, but it can be a stretch of a new design. ASRX chipset-based USB Gen2 (and the previous generation Z370 Taichi's third-party USB controllers removed) Corrected a few pathways to enable. But the slot follows the same system as the previous general model, as most of the connectors do. Both boards were even called "12-phase" voltage regulators, although the Z390…

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OnePlus 6T Specification

OnePlus 6T Specification and Review On the OnePlus 6T mobile, there is a 6.41 "(16.28cm) display with the screen resolution of 1080 x 2280 pixels and is powered on the Android v9.0 (pie) operating system. The device is Octa-Core 2.8GHz, Quad-Core + 1.8 GigaHARGE, Quad Core,  is connected to the processor 6 GB RAM, while the battery is used, it has 3700 mAh, because the rear camera is 16 MP +20 has…

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Touchscreen Technology Explain

Touchscreen Anatomy We all know the word "touchscreen", even today's 95% related to working with our full touchscreen. But that's a big question to us, do we know anything about the touchscreen internal features ?? Do we know anything about Mobile Touch Screen and how does it work? Do not be worried about this, in my article today, I give you some knowledge about the touchscreen and some knowledge about how it…

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Best 5 Bluetooth Headset with Great Quality you should use it

Bluetooth Headset with Great Usability The headphone is one of our daily needs. It’s our friend from starting from our day to till sleep. Some of us love to use this on our free time and some of us also used this 90% of a day like a sticky gum. It is also a close friend of us especially in our various types of emotion. Usability of headphone is not bad but, every…

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All in One Printer for Business Review | 5 All in One Printer Recommended by Technosys360

HP All in One Printer Review [Budget for Business] The printer is very useful for us, especially for official use. Its give us a hard copy of our soft documents like file, picture, chart and many of important things shortly said “Document”. It reduces our tension about any document if it loose from our system or hard drive, then we can easily recover it. For this impotency of printer, we must have some…

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Fire TV Cube | Hands-Free with Alexa and 4K Ultra HD | Streaming Media Player

Fire TV Cube | Alexa, Command Cube  Do even a lot of with Alexa. FIRE TV includes a constitutional speaker that permits you to check the weather, hear the news, and more—even with the TV off. Raise Alexa to play music and fireplace TV Cube activates your TV and starts twiddling with onscreen album art. Plus, view camera feeds and management lights, thermostats, and different sensible home devices—just ask. Plus, fireplace TV…

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