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How to Break Administrator Password Using CMD or Without CMD

Administrator password break !! How is it possible? It seems interesting but on the other hand, if you do this for a crime, then it is illegal. But from my side, the idea that administrators forget their password is very important for many users. In fact, everything has its own good side and bad side and makes things perfect on both sides. So if we decide what is happening in everything, everything is its side effect and we can not learn anything.

Before starting, I have to say the importance of the administrator password. If you want to know “How to enable or disable the administrator’s password” please see here. Likewise, Administrator passwords help protect our system from other users, who can harm unwanted actions on your system. In fact, any other user wants to install or remove any software or application on your system, but the system administrator wants a password. Also, it helps to protect all user information from our system and from servers.

Basically, I can only help this article for their problems and you can use it and create projects for your hardware category. Use these tips for your use, not for any illegal offense. Let’s dive in the deep of Tricks ocean.

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There are many ways to break your administrator’s password and you can break it off with your friends or any other customer. So I just try to give my favorite two methods to make it easier.

Break Administrator Password with Windows O.S Disk

This is a very easy way to do this, but if you want a Windows (which you want – Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc.) disc.

1st: Insert your bootable window disk into DVD R/w, and restart it to take the boot from DVD R/W (make sure you set the DVD R/W to Primary Boot option ). Then let it load all installation files from your disk just like to complete the first step of OS installation windows.

When “Install now” page appears in front of you then choose “Repair Your computer” option.

2nd: Now another window or page is displayed, called “system recovery option” and there are 4 or 5 options inside (depending on your OS). Choose “Command Prompt / CMD” from that list to end.

Then type some commands to set up the process, the commands are given below –

  • copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\
  • copy /y c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe
  • exitBreak Administrator Password

The name of the drive may change because, in my explanation, we simply do some simple process with this command. In fact, with this command, we will copy the file “cmd.exe” and paste it with “sethc.exe” in front of the Windows installation page (replace the cmd.exe file with sethc.exe)
). And we do it without any privilege except the open command prompt in the installation window.

3rd:To restart your system, simply press the Restart button before removing the Windows disk from the DVD R/W.

4th:Now you will see it start on the user page and get a pause. What do you think all is? But not … it’s just the interval.

Now just press the Shift key to open the sticky key and click “yes” to open the command prompt directly. [This is the trick …….]

5th:To type, there are just a few commands, carefully type given below. Just type “net user” to see the list of users on your system. Then type “net user” again and type user name “administrator” then type “password” and press “Enter”.

  • net user
  • net user Administrator passwordBreak Administrator Password

4th:Now It’s complete.

You can then use the command c:\sethc.exefile back to c:\windows\system32\sethc.exeto restore the original file sethc.exe file.

N.B. – If your system only has more than one user or user, then it is also useful. It does not matter, just do it.

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Now if you think that the method I discussed above is somewhat difficult, I have another method in the discussion below. Indeed, the interesting thing is, we do not need any Windows OS discs for this.

With your other PCs Or some of our friends can easily do it on PC.

Fix with other P.C

If you try this method, remember that you must have some hardware knowledge on your computer. Just follow the step-by-step and you can easily do this.

  • Just remove your hard disk from your computer and find another PC to set it up. If you find any other system, then your hard drive will set the drive as a second drive, which means that I installed a hard disk on another PC’s motherboard.
  • Then turn on the power and force forced to open B.I.O.S and set the main hard disk as the “primary boot device” (HDD of other computers) and set your hard disk to be a “secondary boot device“, then boot. [Note: do not boot with a secondary hard disk]
  • When it opens, you can see in theMy Computerthat all the drives are shown as a different name, you can see the PC’s own HDD drive partition shows such as Drive C, D, E, etc. and partitions of secondary hard drives such as drive F, G, H etc. Perhaps the “F” drive is your secondary HDD’s main “C” drive. So open it.
  • Now find “Windows” and then go to “System32” and open “Config“. You can see two fie called “SAM.exe” and “SAM.log“. Just remove it from there, I mean to delete these two files.Break Administrator password

Now done…

Remove HDD from this computer and put it on your system again and turn on your PC and see the magic.


I think I cover the most od things in this article. If you find anything to fault in this please let me know, I will fix that on next update. It’s enough for today. Bye.


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