How do I recover my corrupted Mac files?

Files can be corrupted, it does not differ on device or operating system. Some of us use Windows Operating system and some of us use MAC, but both of us have same chance to corrupt our saved files either in drives or either in any software like “M.S Office”. So, in this article I will cover the main matter about “How do I recover my corrupted Mac files?” At first, you have…

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How to Recover Unsaved Word Document Mac

Introduction: How to recover unsaved word document Mac Microsoft Office is popular for us and as also the M.S Word is very much essential for our today’s life. It’s especially important for official purpose because we can easily note anything on it anytime also we can make big to the big official project in M.S Word. So I think you can understand how much it’s importance in our life. Not only for…

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How to Receive SMS on PC Without a Cell Phone

In a communication medium, the text message has a very much vital role. It will help us to exchange information about anything among all people. Sometimes it makes a big problem when you are so much busy in your work and have little distance from your mobile. That time “access text from your computer” plays an essential role. Also some time for commercial use, we need to use a computer for sending…

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Track my Phone – Step by Step guide from Technosys360

Track my Phone - Introduction Find my device is a very interesting feature of Android and also Google, through which you can easily track your phone. Not only track, but you also can lock or delete your private data on the lost device or stolen phone. You can also see the battery draining percentage and much more like which wi-fi network the device was connected. So just think, this is the easiest way…

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Realme C1 Review

Review Specification Long-lasting 4230mAh Battery 15h Video Playback 18h Music 18h Browsing 10h Gaming The huge 4230 mAh battery is connected to the AI ​​Power Master so that all the days are endurance, intelligent apps and processes can be reduced. ColorOS 5.1 (based on Android 8.1) AI Board 3-Finger Screenshot Split Screen The feature-packed COLOROS 5.1 smartphone can learn from your use of smartphones to help you with your daily work, which…

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Google’s Latest Wear OS Update makes Smartwatches Battery live longer

Google Wear OS Recently we noticed on a “Google Wear OS Help forum”, Google is launching several unique quality of updates on Wear OS which is mention as an “H” update. This update cover features like the battery saver mode, body efficiency improvement etc. Also, its decided a smart app which resumes for all its application and adds a new & simple power off method, you can check here. With the new update,…

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ASRock Taichi Z390 Motherboard Specification

ASRock Z390 SPECIFICATION ASRock Z390 Taichi may be a new board of Taichi, but it can be a stretch of a new design. ASRX chipset-based USB Gen2 (and the previous generation Z370 Taichi's third-party USB controllers removed) Corrected a few pathways to enable. But the slot follows the same system as the previous general model, as most of the connectors do. Both boards were even called "12-phase" voltage regulators, although the Z390…

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OnePlus 6T Specification

OnePlus 6T Specification and Review On the OnePlus 6T mobile, there is a 6.41 "(16.28cm) display with the screen resolution of 1080 x 2280 pixels and is powered on the Android v9.0 (pie) operating system. The device is Octa-Core 2.8GHz, Quad-Core + 1.8 GigaHARGE, Quad Core,  is connected to the processor 6 GB RAM, while the battery is used, it has 3700 mAh, because the rear camera is 16 MP +20 has…

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Data Recovery Software for Mac

Data Recovery Software Explained Data recovery software programs can be miraculously useful in some conditions and may be completely vain in others. We review file-recovery applications to make cool documents from popular spinning hard drives, flash drives, SD player cards and various types of portable storage, which includes your smartphone. They can retrieve some or all of the information that otherwise you will not be able to access a failed CD or…

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Touchscreen Technology Explain

Touchscreen Anatomy We all know the word "touchscreen", even today's 95% related to working with our full touchscreen. But that's a big question to us, do we know anything about the touchscreen internal features ?? Do we know anything about Mobile Touch Screen and how does it work? Do not be worried about this, in my article today, I give you some knowledge about the touchscreen and some knowledge about how it…

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