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This Android update will change the getup for each smartphone you use

Not more days. The Android 10 update will be available on the mobile phones of all the popular companies later this year. Android 10 will be available on the phones of Samsung, Asus, Oppo, Realme, Vivo and all other market companies next December. Google said this through a blog post on Wednesday.

However, Xiaomi is one step ahead of other companies in providing updates. Xiaomi has started updating new phones since the release of Android 10. Additionally, the latest update to the Pixel series phones from Google was released in September however, other companies are also launching the Android 10 update after beta testing.

The idea for the next update to Android Pie 9.0 has been underway since earlier this year. There was speculation as to whether to be named Android 10 or Android Q. However, according to Google, the name Android 10 takes precedence. Nowadays different versions of Android are named after various confectionery or sweets. But this time there is no sweet name on Google’s smartphone operating system.

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