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Every business has a beginning, and also we have one. Our main base is “Ares Group of Companies”, and this site – “Technosys360” is just a part of it. We have also another Website www.disesecure.com named All Disease Cure. We just start it from 1st May 2018 and do very hardcore work on it and finally on 5th June 2018 we publish this site to fulfill one of our dreams. We started our one new journey with this site and we know that we reach the succeed very soon.

About Author

Abhijit Dey

Founder & CEO

My name is Abhijit Dey from Kolkata, West Bengal, North 24 PGS district. Now I am working as a full-time blogger. I very much love the technology, news related to the product and latest cool Gadgets and also I like to review all products. In our blog, we provide you the latest news related to technology and also our main intention is to give a proper lesson to all about Technology, tech-related problem and also troubleshoot idea of these. 

In 2017, I started blogging, but at that time I did not have the sufficient knowledge about blogging. Then gradually I started to learn and understand about blogging on the internet and at that time I gain my 50% above knowledge from youtube. And that I started to make contact with senior bloggers, and they also help me with it and I am very much thankful to him.
After 2 or 3 months of my blogging time, I got first AdSense approval on my first site which is on the Blogspot platform, named aresgroupofcompanies.blogspot.com. Thereafter I continue my journey to 2018 and then I purchase a domain of my first blog and it become www.aresgroupofcompanies.com.  that is registered from GoDaddy.
Then I think to expand my work in this blogger platform and finally, I got the idea of Technosys360 and I make Technosys360.com.
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