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How do I recover my corrupted Mac files?

Files can be corrupted, it does not differ on device or operating system. Some of us use Windows Operating system and some of us use MAC, but both of us have same chance to corrupt our saved files either in drives or either in any software like “M.S Office”. So, in this article I will cover the main matter about “How do I recover my corrupted Mac files?”

At first, you have to confirm the problem is related to which part of the system, is this Hardware related issue or any kinds of software related issue. In brief explanation, “is the error related to Hard Drive corrupted issue?” or “any official software related issue like M.S word file corrupt”.

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If you find that the files are all in M.S Word format and only the “.dox” files are corrupted, then I refer to check the article – “How to recover Corrupted word file”(it’s for windows operating system). When you use Mac then you can read – “How to recover corrupted word file on Mac.”

That is a thing if you find the error is your Hard Drive related, then continue in this article below.

recover corrupted Mac files

You can use a Data Recovery Software

If you are able to recover your machine or start from an external drive, the amount you are trying to recover will not yet be visible. Data recovery software can still work with the drive, as long as the OS can talk to others. Although the information is still on Drive, it still has a reasonable scope for recovery.

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Do not doubt why you need a Mac File Recovery program because there are several reasons Mac OSD or external storage may cause terrible data loss. As we know, currently many Mac users have requested information about the lost data on the Internet. Some users then delete their valuable pictures by pressing the wrong button, some users lose their data on a computer after resetting or formatting a single one. Such accidents will usually happen unexpectedly, so you can be a victim. But you have good news that if the reliable Mac file recovery program is affected by the data hogging problem, you can help to easily and easily recover deleted files. So we need a good “Mac file restore program” to protect us from all these unwanted issues. Also, we can store Data recovery software as a security option for office use.

Data Recovery Software recommended by me –

Also, I explain a little about one Data recovery software, because if I started to explain all it takes a long time. So you can easily visit their official website to more about all data recovery software.

recover corrupted Mac files

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac only meets all the standards of the best Mac file recovery programs. You can easily find deleted files from the Mac and get it back, for example, several simple clicks. Photos, videos, audio files, emails, and documents can be retrieved. So follow step by step:

Step 1: At first run the data recovery software. Then select the location where your data or files were deleted.

recover corrupted Mac files
Image Credit – EaseUS

Step 2: Then click on the Scan option to check and you can see all the files you have deleted from that space is listed in the window.

recover corrupted Mac files

Step 3: Select all the files you want to recover from it, and click on Recover Now to get them back.

recover corrupted Mac files

This process is 100% safe and less risky. But if you run this process your HDD must have to eligible to run this. Because if all of the partition of Hard disk is deleted then this process doesn’t work. If you want to recover the deleted partition from Hard Disk, then you can read here.

Also, there are many software available to recover the lost data from Mac like –Alsoft DiskWarrior,Kroll Ontrack EasyRecovery,Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software,Recuva Data Recovery Softwareetc.

Boot from another option method to recover corrupted Mac files:

recover corrupted Mac files

This is one more interesting way to recover your data if your Hard Disk has some last breath. Actually, there is 80% chance to rescue all data from the Hard Disk. To complete this process we also need another system which is also run in Mac.


  • If you use a laptop, then you need also an HDD case, to make the hard drive portable or external. If you use a desktop, then you can easily set the hard drive as a secondary drive. Because there is more option to set an extra drive. Then turn on the system and wait to load it. After that, you can easily serve the secondary Hard disk data. Then you can also make a copy, move or delete as whatever you want.
  • If it is not possible to arrange another system, I want to introduce you to another method. In that case, you need to use your system’s DVD writer or you need to set an external DVD R/W and you need a disk which is already made as a Mac OS X bootable, if you don’t know how to make a drive bootable for Mac OS X then you can read here.

The final process of recover corrupted Mac files

After arranging all things, just follow step by step that I describe below.

  1. Restart the Mac system and hold down the Alt/option key on the keyboard.recover corrupted Mac files
  2. Now you may want to boot the system from an OS. So you have to select the appropriate drive where you have a Mac bootable disk or drive.
  3. So choose the external bootable drive to boot.

If the system is boot properly then you can easily transfer all the important files from it. Sometimes it getting the problem to boot. It’s possible if the HDD has a last chance to recover the data from it. Then you can take a repairing chance for luck. So before the boot, you can choose “Disk utility” option from the same screen which appears in front of you. This Disk Utility can attempt to fix some of the faults in Hard Drive.


There is also a lot of processes to recover data or files from Mac. So I request to subscribe to our blog to get all the updated methods in your e-mail easily. Don’t forget to share this article if you like this and also comment us if we missed something. In our next update, we will add that.

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