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How to Receive SMS on PC Without a Cell Phone

In a communication medium, the text message has a very much vital role. It will help us to exchange information about anything among all people. Sometimes it makes a big problem when you are so much busy in your work and have little distance from your mobile. That time “access text from your computer” plays an essential role. Also some time for commercial use, we need to use a computer for sending text messages to our senders in a bulk. In this article, I will clear your topic “How to receive SMS on pc without a cell phone”.

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So it’s very much important to know or learn about the Desktop text or how can send or received the text from Desktop or PC. Also in the market, there are many methods available to easily do this, but I prefer these I discuss below.

Apowersoft Phone Manager

If you search in the market, there are many types of software available use as phone management software. But I prefer “Apowersoft Phone Manager”. It’s famous because of its usefulness to receive messages on computers, if you do not believe, then I would recommend trying it once. If you see its feature list, it’s multi-functional. In short, it can restore files to you, backup, restore, and restore your contacts, applications, music, videos, applications, bookmarks, call logs, wallpapers, etc. from your computer to your computer. Using this phone manager software, you get complete satisfaction for use and help you communicate with your friends, colleagues and family over and over again. It is also very easy to use, so follow the steps below.

First, you have to download it from the Internet and install it on your pc for use. You can download the Phone manager software from here.

Video guide – ApowerManager

Also, this phone manager software has to install in your Android phone to claim the rest of the steps.

Make sure your Android device has “USB Debug” enabled. Then connect your Android device with Computer via a data cable. Alternatively, you can connect your phone to the computer via Wi-Fi.

After that open, the phone manager app in both system and you will see QR code verification will come in front of the desktop window, then scan the QR code through the phone scanner which is shown in the software screen.

[ Then you will see that your phone is successfully linked with your PC. After that, you will able to receive SMS on computer. When you received a message on the phone, then you see a pop-up notification in the desktop which indicates incoming message in your mobile. ]

Click the “Message” tab to enter in the SMS window of the App manager.

Then click on “Send Message” to compose a text message and type all the content what you want to send your sender.

Then click on “Choose contact” to select the recipients and click on the “Send” button to finish the process.

How to receive SMS on pc without a cell phone

Don’t forget to comment below after using this software what about you feel. If you select this phone manager, you can work better with its fully managed features. It’s also not unstable like other ones only for that reason I recommend this as one of the best Phone managers. For more, click here to see their official blog.

Google Voice

How to receive SMS on pc without a cell phone

Did you like MAGIC? Of course yes, I think everybody likes magic especially when it’s free and also with make you profit. So this option also works the same as magic. “Google Voice”, of course, we hear this sound and we know that it’s a Google product. If you use this as a reference to a desktop message, then it gives you a brand new number free with your existing mobile number. That’s mean you after using Google Voice you have two number. If you want to import all of the contacts of your own number into Google voice number, then you can receive both of the number’s call & message in same Google’s number. You can also receive e-mails in Google Voice number with reply facility and you can save all of your history in it.

Mighty Text:

Mighty Text is a most interesting application or SMS app. With the help of Mighty text, you can easily get your MMS or SMS on your computer from your Android mobile. Actually, it just syncs all your mobile’s SMS inbox and you can easily access it. It has notification features with it, that is because you never miss any of your messages like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram also.

How to receive SMS on pc without a cell phone

You can also check Mighty call vs Google Voice to click here.

Just search and install Mighty Text in your Android and Chrome Browser and follow next. You have to choose a Google account yo signup in Mighty text and click on “Complete Setup”.

Now you can easily access from a newly set icon on your screen.

** One most interesting feature is – Mighty text can store your messages history up to six months.**

Sometimes it’s really important to hide our real phone number for business purpose especially who works in web services. Also, we need very care about the email address because it carries a lot of facts about our details.

Solve – How to receive SMS on pc without a cell phone?

Now I will tell you some website name, where you can easily send or receive SMS or phone call without a mobile device and without your own real phone number. Also, you do not need to install any app on your phone to send SMS messages.


It’s a popular platform to send SMS through Desktop without any Mobile and also without any number. If you interested in it, so you can try their trial version. A phone number will provide you by Twilio to receive the verification code in your free trial account. But you can use any phone number of any brands (not depends) for receiving the verification code from Twilo to activate “Twilo Trial Account”.

how to receive sms on pc without a cell phone

In the trial version, you have to verify all the numbers you want to send SMS because without the verified number you can’t send then SMS in this trial version. But you can receive the SMS in your free phone number which is given by Twilio, just log in and click on the menu on the top sidebar and select the “MESSAGES”. That’s it, pretty easy.

Visit Twilio official website to click here.


In this website, you can find mobile numbers to receive SMS online for free also without registration. When a number display just selects the number from the list and click on it to begin.

how to receive sms on pc without a cell phone

You can also send messages to an e-mail address from this platform.

Visit Sellaite official website.


Textnow is another better option for you if you searching for a free phone number where you only want to receive the SMS from other for your business purpose. Because when you sign up in TextNow, you get a phone number free for use to receive the text messages. But many people facing problem to access it, so I want to advise to use a VPN when you use it.

how to receive sms on pc without a cell phone

Visit textNow official Website.

Free Online Phone

It is also very simple to use. Open the website and you can see the list of numbers on the webpage. Just select a number from the list and start work.

how to receive sms on pc without a cell phone

Visit Free Online Phone official website.

Also, there are many platforms available on the internet through which you can claim your work. If I started to explain the entire platform, then it could very much longer. So in the bellow, I just give the name of a few from all. Also, I give the link of their official website. If you are interested to visit their website, just click on the name and it will redirect to the official website of that platform.

Today I don’t want to take long this article, so I ended it. Please let me know what about I need to add in this article, I will update it in next.

Some common FAQ

Q: How to receive SMS on pc without a cellphone?

A: There are many options available in the market to do this easily. Some of these are paid and some of these are absolutely free. People attracted to free methods like some third-party software. So you can use Sellaite, TextNow, Twilio, etc from the most popular in recent times.

Q: How to send SMS from pc to mobile?

A: Send SMS from pc is really a cool idea and also reduce the deconcentration from your work when you are on your desktop or laptop. In this option, Mighty Text is very popular and easy with many advanced features.

Q: How to send bulk SMS free from pc to mobile?

A: A most common need of every company is a system through which they can send bulk SMS from pc to expand their customer base. In the market, atompark, etc are available. just go and use one of them. Also, you can search on google for better suggestions.

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