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How to Protect our Smartphones from Hackers

Protect Android Device – Guide

Mobile or Smartphone is very popular today and Also Its usability increase day by day. hackers or spy are now getting their focus, especially in the smartphone. Because now we save our all details in our smartphone like Gmail, Bank details, Loan Details etc. So if once they able to hack your smartphone then they can easily control all of your documents. That’s mean we have to put our attention to protect Android device. So let’s discuss it.

Always use a PIN or password to protect your smartphone. Adding this security level to your smartphone can help a lot. And if you are someone who has a hard time remembering the password but you can go instead of the pattern lock.

Lock apps on your device to protect Android device:

Lock your smart phone- protect Android device

It is not always enough to use only one password. You should also lock your private apps (especially like mobile wallets like online shopping) by password. There are lots of ways to go about it. For example, some smartphones with built-in application locking functionality. Some applications include features such as PETMO built-in locking features. Finally, there are numerous third-party security applications available on the Google Play Store that you can use to lock private apps.

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Download the app from a trusted source:

Download apps only from trusted sources like Google Play Store. Also, do not forget to check out an app’s checkout and reviews before hitting the download button. You should check the privacy policy of the application you are downloading.

Read app permissions before downloading an application:

It is another important step to remember. When downloading an app from the Google Play Store, once downloaded, do not forget to read the complete information about the information you have access to. For example, if a payment app gets access to your phone’s camera, you obviously do not need it.

Download Android Device Manager:

You have to thank us for this. We think Android Device Manager is one of Google’s most useful apps here. If you ever lose your Android smartphone, then the Android Device Manager can help you identify it.

Application tracking can really come frustrating and return to lost or stolen Android devices. This family reset devices can be used remotely, but the functionality is already configured correctly.

Google Authenticator is must to protect Android device:

You can bank Google Authenticator to add an extra layer of security to your account. It’s Google’s app to enable two-factor authentication. The app makes it easy to get timeout authentication codes for logging into the account, for which you have two-factor authentication enabled. The good thing about Google certification is that it works offline, even for some non-Google services.

Download an antivirus application:

Download an antivirus application- Protect Android from hacker

It is very clear, but it follows important steps, considers important information about our devices. So do not forget to install an antivirus application.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi to protect Android device:

If you can use the public Wi-Fi network, avoid using them always, you can not be sure that you’re 100% safe. Also, make sure that your phone does not automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks when their range is always switched on while Wi-Fi is not needed.

Configure Bluetooth settings properly:

First of all, your device is set to ‘non-invisible’ in its Bluetooth settings. Because of that Bluetooth are always set as visible, the smartphone is more prone to get targeted by hackers. Just like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth should not be closed during use.

Never root your device:

You may feel no matter how smart your smartphone is, Firefox has its advantages, it also creates your smartphone for malware and other types of attacks.



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