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Make One CPU into Multiple Workstations with Black Box VirtuaCore

Running 1 pc for multiple users (or, multiple computer setups on a single CPU) is the right way to start offering benefits to higher productivity and great cost savings? In fact, a multi-user PC solution makes businesses able to spend computing equipment in sufficient quantity.

[A multiset, multi-station or multidimensional configuration is a single computer that supports multiple independent local users at the same time.]

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Ideal for use in classrooms, office environments, or high-density cube locations, the VirtuaCore system utilizes a virtual machine-style technology. It shares a dual-core processor between two separate, independent drives controlled by two separate keyboards, mouse, and monitors. The quad-core version provides a single device to four separate drives, which provides the full functionality of four users sharing the same CPU tower of the same user, with each individual monitor, keyboard and mouse.

There are many hardware gadgets and software available in the market, so we can easily do this.

Among them is an “Aster Multi-Monitor”:

As “expensive multi-user PC solutions”, there are several additional workplaces that have the ability to expand 1 standard PC system by purchasing expensive computer hardware, which is considered as a beneficial alternative for office computerization and cyber cafes. Our many monitoring software costs less than the cost of fewer computer units, it allows users to use a set of 1 PC software tools and preserve dramatically for multiple users.Multiple Computer on a Single CPU

In fact, the ASTER double-terminal system enables you to split your home PC into two networks that enable you to use two monitors with a single computer box and at the same time support a number of users. Be assured to share a computer for two users, you save extra computer hardware and buying your apartment space.

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Black Box/ VirtuaCore

Black Box VirtuaCore can extend access to the CPU resources for multiple users without the cost of separate machines for individual machines. It saves space and hardware costs and reduces energy costs by about 70 percent, which is important for organizations and organizations that want to reduce their carbon footprint. Plus, VirtuaCoresignificently reduces running costs of PC replacement, since the number to be replaced is reduced by three quarters (VC004A) or one half (VC2002).Multiple Computer Setup on Single CPU through VirtuaCore

Unlike other CPU-sharing solutions, Black Box VirtuaCore uses the legitimacy of all licensed software to eliminate the risks of serious legal action and/or financial penalties due to unauthorized sharing of software. Each example of a licensed license on a shared machine requires a separate software license key, just as it has two or four separate computers Meanwhile, connected peripherals are accessible to each CPU shared by each user.

So, now we start doing it, just keep your eyes down …

1st of all we need some compulsory things –

  1. 1 CPU
  2. Multiple Monitor (as much you required)
  3. Multiple Keyboard and Mouse ( as countable as per Monitor)
  4. U.S.B Hub
  5. U.S.B Graphics adapter

Each monitor will need to attach graphics output to a video card. For example, there are four monitors, four keyboards, four rows and two dual or one quarter video cards to create four heads (four users). USB keyboards and mouse are generally recommended instead of PS / 2 connections. Because they can be connected to a USB hub. Additional devices and peripherals such as cameras, flash storage drives, card readers, and touch screens can be allocated in each seat. An alternative USB display link on multiple physical video cards and connections.

⇒ Also, you can use another medium to do this easily.GNU/Linux,Windows MultiPoint Server2010 etc.

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Multiple computer benefits in single CPU

Work from any machine possible

Get away from the computer you are using and leave it on any other machine. If your primary computer is busy with a task, it is a huge advantage. Or your primary computer dies and you do not want to miss a beat, it is a huge advantage. If you are just sick of looking at your laptop and want to sit at a desk (or reverse) it is a huge advantage. Dots, there are many examples which are really convenient in a second machine. This running smoothly takes a little work, but it’s absolutely right.

Work off on a secondary machine

Multi-core processing is a good thing because it increases the multitasking capabilities of your computer. The same goes for the same machine. If you are doing any work on your primary machine, you can unload another processor-intensive work and you do not have to stop anymore and wait for something to finish.


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