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How to install Ubuntu in Virtual Box | Install Virtualbox Ubuntu

How to install Ubuntu in Virtual Box

Virtual Machine, most people who are related to tech work they are all here this sound. Although this word is interesting for both people who are related to tech work and who are related to normal work. Actually, a Virtual Machine is a different machine which is situated inside of our PC virtually and work as same as another computer. In this machine, we can install same an operating system like other and use it for all types of work. The benefit of this system is this you can control 2 computer at the same time and you no need a separate space to assemble another computer because it’s a virtual computer. So in this article, I will write how to install Ubuntu 18.04 in a virtual machine with the virtual box or I give this name –Install Virtualbox Ubuntu.

Personally, I used a Linux system, and also ubuntu system, so I will discuss it here. you can also install another operating system whatever you want. For the virtual box I usedVirtualBox 5.2,also you can install the latest version of the time when you want to install it.

If you want to install your virtual box with Ubuntu, follow this article step by step.

VirtualBox download and Installation:

  1. Download and install Virtual Box on your laptop. Go to the official website of Oracle VM VirtualBox extension and get that.
  2. At first, you have to choose the OS which you want to install or you want to work.
  3. Download the primary OS from their website. You will have the option to select 32-bit or 64-bit. If your computer is new, go ahead and select the 64-bit version but your computer has some age but try the 32-bit version.
  4. Open the virtual box and click “New” at the top left of the menu.install virtualbox ubuntu
  5. Enter the name for your new operating system and select the type. Since the primary OS is Linux and more specifically, a derivative of Ubuntu, I have selected 64-bit versions of Linux and Ubuntu.install virtualbox ubuntu
  6. Select the memory size of your new virtual machine. This will be the amount of RAM your new virtual machine will use. You need to have at least 512 MB, but the recommendation to add it to your laptop is of extra memory in mind. If you allocate too much, the virtual machine will steal your host from your system and affect your laptop’s functionality too far.install virtualbox ubuntu
  7. Select a virtual hard drive so that you can go to your new operating system.install virtualbox ubuntu
  8. Select the hard drive type. Virtualbox lets you select different formats to be compatible with many different types of virtualization software. For our work, we’re using the default choice for VirtualBox.install virtualbox ubuntu
  9. You can now choose to have a fixed size or dynamic assignment. A certain size hard drive will work as a regular hard drive. When you finish the space, you are out of space. However, a dynamically-sized hard drive will increase with you as you need it. It will allow for more speed as we choose dynamic.install virtualbox ubuntu
  10. Set your hard drive size. If you choose dynamic, keep in mind that it will increase and resize to suit your needs. If you use a specific drive, you need to set it to large enough to make sure that your files have plenty of room.install virtualbox ubuntu
  11. It’s ended. Now you have a virtual machine ready to install an operating system.

Install the Operating System

This is a second important part of install Virtualbox ubuntu. So follow this carefully.

  1. Before you can install your operating system, you have to tell the virtual machine where your ISO image is on your operating system. Click on the virtual machine and then select Settings.install virtualbox ubuntu
  2. Go to the Storage tab and then click on the icon that shows a little CD. Select the ISO you have downloaded.install virtualbox ubuntu
  3. Start the first time you boot your new virtual machine.
  4. Then the ISO will load and take the setup process for your Linux version.
  5. Click Install Elementary.install virtualbox ubuntu
  6. On the Verify screen, click Continue.install virtualbox ubuntu
  7. Delete the disk and install it initially and then click Install Now.install virtualbox ubuntu
  8. Select your zone and time zone then click Continue.install virtualbox ubuntu
  9. Select your language and keyboard layout and click continue.
  10. Set up your username, computer name and password for your new system.
  11. When the installation is complete, reboot. Sometimes the guest during this reboot will hanging system. It just stops it and then restarts it.install virtualbox ubuntu
  12. Congratulations, you are now running your own virtual operating system on your existing operating system.install virtualbox ubuntu

Updates and Guest Additions

Before you do anything else, run all system updates.
Install Guest Addition. Go to devices – install guest attachments. Then follow installation instructions appear there.

Enjoy Your New Operating System

Congratulations, you’ve just successfully installed and installed the guest’s operating system first on your computer. You can now move files between two operating systems and use huge libraries of software available for Linux.

I think I will cover all the important things in this article. So follow this and complete your Virtual Box installation. If you face any kinds of problem, you can contact us we are here to help you. First, try and let me know.

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