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How to Fix Stopping, Freezing, and Reboot Issues During the POST

How toFixStopping,Freezing, and Reboot Issues During the POST

Question: What will you do when hanging during your computer POST or how to fix if the computer Freeze on POST?

Sometimes your computer may actually be turned on but an error message will stop the boot process during the Power on Self Test (POST). Other times your PC may just be stuck at POST time. Sometimes you will find that your computer manufacturer’s logo (shown here) and all is stoped.

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Other times your PC may just be stuck at POST time. Sometimes you will find that your computer manufacturer’s logo (shown here).

Important: If your PC is booted by post or does not reach POST, then see “how to fix my computer, which will not turn on” the guidance for more effective troubleshooting information.

:: – How to fix issues with stop, fixed and reboot during POST-::

Solve the cause of the BIOS error message you show on the monitor. These errors are usually very specific at POST, so if you are fortunate enough to get one, then your best step is to solve the specific error shown to you.
If you do not solve the problem by working with the specific error at POST, you can always come back here and continue the troubleshooting below.

  • Disconnect any USB storage device and remove any disk if you inserted in your optical drive. If your computer is trying to boot from a location that does not actually have the bootable data, then your computer may be stored anywhere on POST.

Fix Stopping, Freezing, and Reboot Issues During the POST

Note: If this works, make sure to change the boot order, your preferred boot device, perhaps the internal hard drive listed before the USB or other sources.

  • Clear CMOS. BIOS memory clearing on your motherboard will reset BIOS settings to their factory default level. A common reason for locking the computer during a misconfigured BIOS POST.

Important: If you solve the problem by clearing CMOS, then at any time, change the settings in the BIOS in the future so that the problem is returned but you will know that your problem has happened for some reason.

  • Check your power supply. Power supply only does not work because your computer is initially launched. The power supply is the cause of startup problems compared to any other computer on the computer. This may be the reason for your problem at POST.

Fix Stopping, Freezing, and Reboot Issues During the POST

To show a problem with your test, immediately replace your power supply.

Important: Do not miss your P.S.U test because your computer can not get the power supply because you get it. Power supplies, and can often be done, partly working and replacing one that is not fully functional.

  • Reset everything inside your computer field. Reseating the cable, card, and other connections in your computer will be restored.

Try to do the following research and then check whether your computer boots the post:

  1. Reset all internal data and power cable.
  2. Reseat Memory Module.
  3. Reset all expansion card.

Note: Unplug and re-plug your keyboard and mouse as well. The keyboard or mouse has little chance to fix your computer at POST, but only thoroughly, we should reconnect them when analyzing other hardware.

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  • Reset the CPS only if you feel that it was reduced or not installed correctly.
  • After configuring a new computer or after installing new hardware, you can solve this problem to see if every hardware configuration is triple. Check each Jumper and Dip switch, verify that you are using the CPU, memory and video card compatible with your motherboard. If necessary, rebuild your pc from scratch.

Important: Your motherboard does not support specific hardware. Check your motherboard manual to verify that your purchased hardware will work properly.

Note: If you do not make your PC or change your hardware, then you can completely avoid this step.

  • Check the reason for the electrical shorts inside your computer. The problem can be caused when your computer stays at POST, especially if it does a BIOS without an error message.
  • Start your PC with only the necessary hardware. While maintaining the power of your computer, it is possible to remove hardware as much as possible.

If your computer only installs the necessary hardware and starts normally, then you can stop your troubleshoot here.

If your computer still does not see anything on your monitor, go to the next steps below.

Important: Your PC is very easy to start with its minimum required hardware, does not take any special equipment and can provide valuable information to you. After the above step, if your computer is still credited to the post, it is not a step aside.

  • Restore every piece of hardware removed at the previous step, one piece at a time, check your PC after each installation.

Since your computer is only installed and powered by the necessary hardware, they must work properly. This means that the hardware components you have removed do not turn your computer properly. Each device re-installs on your computer and checks each time, you will eventually find the hardware that causes your problem.
Once it is detected, replace the invalid hardware.

  • Check your computer hardware using Power Test Card on your own. If your computer is still deposited without installing any necessary computer hardware during posting, then any part of the rest of the computer will be able to detect a POST card to stop your computer from booting.

If you are unable to purchase a Power Test Card, please skip this step.

  • In order to determine which computer is shutting down your computer, replace each element of your PC with one component at a time with each identical or equivalent piece of hardware (which you know is working). To determine which content is faulty, check after each hardware replacement.

Note: There is not a set of additional computer components at home or work at the average computer owner. A P.O.S.T card is very cheap and generally and in my opinion, more smart methods than stocking extra computer parts.

  • Finally, if all else fails, you probably need to find professional support from the computer repair service or your computer manufacturer’s technical support.

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