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Asus Taichi 21

ASUS announced to launch a Laptop which is a very unique feature that’s totally out of our mind. “TwoScreen Laptop“… Is it Possible? Most probably we all first think that it’s fake, but no !!

In really ASUS is going to launch this generation of Laptop mostly says –ASUS TAICHI

So let’s talk about it.

We know a quote –“Asus knows the future before you do “and This is the laptop you do not think on your mind

Two screens that can predict how you’ll want to use your laptop. It knows if there’s a mouse or keyboard around, and will supply you with virtual ones if they’re not. It can even preempt where your fingers are over the laptop and shift its virtual keyboard around accordingly, and also it’ll have face and voice recognition.

Also, it very quite options that it’s optimized to work in normal laptop mode, book mode, tent mode and flat mode. It’ll also be compatible with a stylus. For the business use or any of meeting purpose, we know that time is very battery consumable and it performs very well at that time and reduces the tension of low battery and work appropriately.

Let’s jump on some detail about it :

Dual High-Definition Displays

TAICHIgives a spectacular high-definition view with apps, games, and movies, thanks to two 1080p Full HD displays. IPS technology ensures a brilliant image with accurate colors and crisp contrast, while the 178° wide viewing angle keeps each screen crystal-clear, even when seen from the side. TAICHI can capture incredible images too, thanks to HD cameras in both notebook and tablet modes.

  1. Notebook mode

Notebook Mode - ASUS

Lift the lid with one smooth motion and TAICHI becomes a fully featured notebook. The Full HD 11.6” or 13.3” screen features IPS technology for a vibrant image with wide viewing angles. The backlit keyboard with ambient light control and large multi-touch touchpad make light of productivity tasks, too.

  1. Tablet mode

Tablet Mode

Close the lid and TAICHI instantly becomes a tablet with an 11.6” or 13.3” Full HD display. 10-point capacitive multi-touch gives complete fingertip control and the supplied stylus works just like a pen on paper for accurate handwritten notes and sketches, plus IPS technology keeps the image bright and clear. Built-in motion sensors also make TAICHI™ the ideal for mobile gaming, while dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connect to the latest wireless devices.

  1. Mirror mode

Mirror modeTAICHI is more than just a mere table or notebook — mirror mode offers a unique way to share information. Mirror mode shows the same image on both back-to-back screens, so it’s perfect for showing a presentation without the need for a bulky projector or clumsy external monitor or sharing a movie without worrying about where everyone will sit. IPS technology gives a wide 178° viewing angle, which means everyone gets the best view, too.

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  1. Dual-Screen mode


In Dual Screen mode, TAICHI is no longer one computer — it’s two. Each back-to-back screen can be used separately with different apps: one with the keyboard and multi-touch touchpad; the other with the multi-touch screen and stylus. The dual-screen mode is also ideal for presentations and the supplied Screen Share app lets the presenter see the script on one screen while the audience views slide on the other.


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